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“Six Garden Selfies”

“Six Garden Selfies”

While supply lasts: “Six Garden Selfies”

  • Package of 6 cards for $32 (includes taxes and shipping in the U.S.)
  • Each 5”x5” is a copy of an original floral watercolor painting by Suzanne Kelsey on sturdy cardstock with a matte finish. Flowers include:
    • purple iris
    • white & lavender African iris
    • matilija poppy
    • bird of paradise
    • phlox with butterfly
    • coneflower
  • Each card is blank inside. Envelopes included.
  • $32 includes shipping, handling, and taxes. Note that extra postage is required when sending cards of this square size.

    With this collection I used layers of watercolor to create darker backgrounds to contrast with the lighter foregrounds.  This layering approach is slower and more deliberate than the ink & watercolor paintings in my last pop-up shop. This time I was after a richer, more luminous quality and something more realistic but more painterly than photographic. I discarded plenty of paintings before I came to this collection—there is so much to learn with watercolors!—but I think I hit my mark with these six. I feel lucky to have a passion for this medium and to share glimpses of my learning curve with you.

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